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The evolution of Alberto Makali began over a decade ago in NY City's Garment District. Our entry into manufacturing consisted of item driven pieces, and we eventually grew into a supplier of novel women's suits. As the demand for women's suits began to fade, we branched out to create related separates that launched our highly successful Alberto Makali Sport. Alberto Makali Sport was the impetus behind our decision to open a knit and blouse division called Alberto Makali Tops, and eventually Alberto Makali Evening. Since our inception, our philosophy has remained the same. We offer our customers a collection of women's apparel that is novel, and geared toward a woman that wishes to be noticed. This, coupled with quality manufacturing, has created a loyal customer following across the United States and abroad.

As the fashion industry continues to reinvent itself, so will Alberto Makali. Whether it is the latest color, fabric, or trim, Alberto Makali will continue to be on the cutting edge of fashion.

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