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"Change Shoes With Just A Flip Of The Top"

Women who pack for business or pleasure trips know the problem well. How can they limit themselves to two pairs of shoes when they MUST have a sparkling sandal to match a fancy cocktail dress?

Roxann’s Specialty Boutique has the solution. Our One Sole line of open-toed sandals, clogs and strappy shoes for evening come with interchangeable tops made of soft, stretchy neoprene that can be snapped off and on a sandal bottom made of polyurethane or a cork wedge in a flash.


The tops, which have four snaps sewn inside, snap on and off a dozen different styles of open-toed shoe bottoms that are sandals, clogs or dressy evening sandals. There are even sandal tops embellished with Swarovski crystals. A shoe style known as the duet allows the wearer to create a two-toned effect with red and black or blue and green tops, to cite just two examples.


From rhinestones, leather, monograms, sports teams…we could go on and on, One Soles has it all! They are ultra comfortable and exceptionally fun to wear!








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